what is electrical energy

What is Electrical Energy?

Electrical Energy is require to do any type of activity. Out of the various forms of energy available, the

electrical energy is more popular. It can be certainly generate in bulk, transmit economical over long

distances and then distributed suitably for its utilization. At the point that this electric potential energy has been convert to another type of energy, it ceases to be electric potential energy.

Once converted from potential energy, electrical energy can always be called another type of energy (heat, light, motion, etc.)

Moreover, It can be easily adapt and used efficiently for

various domestic and industrial applications. Therefore, It is well suite for the illumination purposes and electric drives

connected to do mechanical work. It is a form of energy, which can be transform to other, forms of energy

like heat, light and sound etc.

Therefore, An electrical energy is an essential input for the industrial development of a country. There is a close

relationship between energy consumption and economic growth. Electricity consumption goes up with

development of a country can be gauge by average annual electricity consumption goes with increasing

gross national product (GNP), a key indicator of economic development. Therefore, the development of a country is of

per person in the country.

Selling out Electrical Energy

The Electric Potential is sell out in KWH. It is basically the power consumed by a consumer in one hour.  Electric utilities measure energy using an electricity meter, which keeps a running total of the electric energy delivered to a customer.

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