Earthing, We have so many electric appliances in our house around us that sometimes we have been using it. Therefore the electrical equipment is in contact with our body, and therefore whenever there is a fault in the instrument then the body of the instrument comes in contact with us, so that the current passes through our body and we feel shock O sometimes, shocks become deadly. That’s why we should have an orthography in our house. By doing the orthographic, the shock that we were going to get was rather than going to our body. E becomes o. He goes down to the ground and we do not seem to be dead  Saying in simple words, the etching involves the connection of electrical equipment to the ground.

It the below picture the body of the motor was directly connect to the ground, now suppose that when the motor body is short, then it goes straight into the ground. For earthing, a pit is made in the ground, it takes as a carrier, and pipe is thrown into the pit. Coal and salt are also add in the pit after the cable connects with the cable and it is connect to the equipment. Coal keeps moisture in the ground and reduces salt resistance.
                  There are two ways of doing earthing.

1 Pipe Earthing:

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                          In this type of earthing a 2.5 meter galvanis is dig into a pit of 2 meters. One end is place on the outside of the ground and coal, salt and black soil in the pit which are consider as good for etching. Meanwhile, The pipes are trim by mixing the three, as describe in the above figure and a tank is place on top of it, in which the connector is place. Which means to make a meaningful meaning Takes equipment had tap water is above is link to O, which sometimes causes strong is that Arthing is Phochaya water into the ground in summer O

2 plate Earthing:

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                       In this type of etching, a 90cm*15cm copper plate is attach to the gas welding or nut bolt from a carrier or coil wire and plated it with coal and salt soil in the pit. And the carrier connect with it gets out of the ground, a tank is made there. And from there the device is connect to the body of its giving.

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