Splice Machine Safety

Splice Machine Safety

Splice machine safety and its precautions is very important because it is very sensitive device which use arc to joint two fiber with each other. It mostly depend on environment as well as weather conditions.

As we already know splice machine use to joint two fiber with each other permanently using electric arc. So in different weather condition or different temperature condition use the machine in auto mode, which deliberates the arc temperature with respect to atmospheric conditions.

Splice Machine is too much expansive so be careful while handling or working on its. Don’t permit any body whose does not have any idea about splice machine and its safety SOPs, as well as its side effects.

When handling the splice machine, use both the hand while take the machine from machine safety box. Place the machine in proper ground or table before beginning the works. And after completion of work always put the splice machine into safety box properly with all other necessary equipments. Like clever, stripper and alcohol despensar etc.

Don’t see the end of fiber during splicing, because it may damage your eye  because of optical power. So always wear optical safety glasses to avoids such problems. Always use safety glows to avoids fiber straps problems.

Splice Machine Safety SOPs with respect to place

To be safe you should not use splice machine in an enclosed space like a manhole  or an explosive atmosphere, and the equipment is too bulky for most aerial applications. So fusion splicing is usually done above ground in a truck or trailer set up for the purpose. Splicing on poles is obviously dangerous too. It’s easier to bring extra cable length into a trailer on the ground and work in a clean environment for splicing, placing splices in a closure and testing.

For better working of splice machine Always do some test on splice machine. Which already we discuss, like diagnostic test, arc calibration test Motor calibration test, Dust check etc.

For better splicing and low optical loss for splice Don’t use the same electrodes for more than 3000 splice or Arc. When the total splice or Arc reach to 3000, so change the electrodes of splice machine by expertise.

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