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Wind Power Plant Site Selection

The following are the few things to keep in mind for the wind power plant site selection.

Factors of wind Power Plant Site Selection:

Wind maps and Anemometer data

The wind maps and anemometer data helps in developers, homeowners, communities, states, and regions. Moreover, it make informed decisions and plan for wind energy development.

Therefore, Wind Exchange provides resource maps for land-based utility-scale, community-scale, offshore, and residential-scale wind development. This wind maps provide a complete information of wind flow.


Permitting information.

permitting information is also play main role in Securing necessary permitting and reviews is a legal requirement for all energy projects to ensure compliance with state, federal, and local policies and regulations. Learn about securing necessary permits and reviews and organizations working to address issues related to permitting wind projects.

Siting on public lands

Wind projects on public lands or in public waters provide lease payments to the state and other relevant jurisdictions in close proximity to the installations. These projects require additional siting and permitting work by developers and regulatory bodies.

Siting community wind installations

Community wind projects allow local organizations to develop local projects that result. Thus in more economic benefits to the community than conventional wind projects developed by companies with limited local ties.

The Small Community Wind Handbook and Large Community Wind Handbook produced by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory provide siting guidance for developing these types of projects.

Siting small wind turbine installations

The Small Wind Guidebook provides basic information about small wind electric systems, including how to choose the best site for a small wind turbine. The Small Wind Site Assessment Guidelines from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory also provides guidance on siting small wind projects.

Wind energy ordinances

Moreover, Local governments may create ordinances to regulate wind turbine installations within county or city borders. The Wind Exchange website offers a database of state and local wind energy ordinances.

In addition to the above resources, Wind Exchange’s resources and tools for selecting wind development sites offers a vast library of research to help with siting decisions.

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